Paul Ingrid Horst Anton und Max Reisch

About us

Who is ReischReisch?

Horst Reisch meets Ingrid Albrecht: Horst works in the management of an American company whereas Ingrid pursues a career as an internal consultant, trainer and coach for an international financial service provider. Horst is fascinated by the hypnotherapy by Milton Erickson, Ingrid by Steve de Shazer’s Solution Focus and Insoo Kim Berg. Family and company emerge from a shared vision.

Horst Reisch Managing Director, Finance

Ingrid Reisch Managing Director, Conception, and Implementation

Max Reisch, banker, studies business informatics, Support IT and Finance

Anton Reisch studies biology and chemistry, Support Science

Paul Reisch, Hotel Specialist, European Hotel Management, Support Customer Service and Design

More about us

Horst is a passionate golf player and a pilot for gas and hot air balloons. He is particularly pleased that all three sons have started their balloon pilot training.

Ingrid Reisch is your contact person, and you will find more statements about her. Ingrid often goes highly professional in unconventional ways if it is necessary to reach a good result. She would ‘turn herself upside down’ for her customers, but instead prefers to leave it alone, since it is about more important things. She recognizes that people are generally innovative and that they like to laugh even without entertainment.

Ingrid remains interested in new specialist topics and trends, reads a lot and is careful with unrealistic promises of success. She also conveys the Solution Focus approach at coaching congresses and agile conferences. She appreciates the intensive exchange with colleagues on Solution Focus, Design Thinking, Scrum and other agile methods.

For her mental and physical agility, Ingrid practices different styles of yoga, moves in nature, uses the cold chamber or the ice bath. She is rooted in the Christian faith and values what connects people and different religions. She loves her family, her work and life.

Ingrid Reisch

Ingrid Reisch

  • Psychology studies with focus on work, Industrial and organizational psychology
  • Training in process consulting and management training
    with Team Dr. Rosenkranz
  • Training in solution-focused short-term therapy,
    supervision and organizational consulting as well as trainer training
    with Steve de Shazer and Insoo Kim Berg
  • Training as a systemic therapist of the Systemic Society at the North German Institute for Short-Term Therapy (NIK)
  • Training in Organizational-Structural Constellations
    with Prof. Varga von Kibed and Insa Sparrer


  • Initiator and founding member of the Association for Quality Development of Solution Focused Consulting and Training (SFCT meanwhile SFiO).
Horst Reisch

Horst Reisch



  • Master of Business Administration, Henley Management College, UK
  • Dipl.-Ing. (FH), Technical University of Munich/Weihenstephan
  • NLP Trainer, NLP University Santa Cruz, California, Robert Dilts
  • Business Coaching with Robert Dilts
  • Solution Focus Supervision and Training with Steve de Shazer
  • Brief Coaching with Insoo Kim Berg
  • Hypnotherapeutic Communication with
    Prof. Varga von Kibed, Gunther Schmid a.o.


  • Member of the Global NLP Training and Consulting Community (GTC)
  • Member of the International NLP Federation (Certified Trainer and Coach)
  • Founding member and initiator of SFCT (Association for the Quality Development of Solution Focused Consulting and Training)