Transformation and Change

Transformation and Change

The advice on your change project must be agile and future-oriented, since challenges accompanied by a transformation are complex. In an initial intensive conversation, you get to know me, discuss your needs and after these steps can both parties decide how a suitable accompaniment for you project looks like.

We know many new agile methods, deal with their added value, take up the desired methods of our customers and continue to concentrate on what is essential. Despite our vast experience, we remain attentive for every person’s uniqueness and their situations by constantly adapting our approach.

A trustful cooperation

You will work with me in change or transformation in a trusting tandem. You know your company and I bring know-how, experience, and methods to the transformation process. In this combination, we develop a well-coordinated and future-oriented approach. We plan effective change communication and involve internal multipliers for the implementation steps.

You will find answers and ways:

  • Who is affected and who is involved at what point in time and how?
  • What should be different and better afterwards? What of it is already there and how can it be expanded? How can you communicate what the transformation should contribute to and where it should aim at?
  • How can you communicate what the transformation should contribute to and where it should aim at?
  • How can progress and what has been achieved be secured?

Together you create the necessary balance between security and movement as well as guidelines and freedom.

Voices about Change Projects

In 2019, Ingrid Reisch supported us in various transformation challenges. Depending on our needs, she verified our workshop concepts with us or moderated workshops. In doing so, the Solution Focus was the meaningful basis on which the workshop participants could quickly shape their core topics and future directions. It was always convincing for me to experience that the most diverse challenges could be mastered with the Solution Focus approach. The workshops achieved the strategic alignment of business units, the effective interaction of different areas as well as the realignment of departments with changed task and team structures. It is unique to experience how people are willing to shape the future even in difficult situations. Ingrid Reisch’s Solution Focus moderations provide the necessary freedom to do this.

Head of IBM HR Career & Talent Center

In a strategy meeting for the executives of the city of Leinfelden-Echterdingen, Ingrid Reisch immediately convinced me as the moderator. Afterwards, our collaboration first started with executive coaching. But after the change of two of my executives, I, as head of the municipal utilities used her help to realign the management team together. Thanks to the flexible combination of individual coaching with the department heads and subsequent moderation for the management team, a great variety of topics could be sorted, discussed in a results-oriented manner and advanced. Important goals included the division of tasks, the cooperation in the management team, the development of a common understanding of leadership, the expansion of a constructive feedback culture and the attractiveness as an employer. When I think about Ms. Reisch’s facilitation, I like to remember the many different topics that we were able to advance, the constructive, flexible cooperation and the common laugh.

Stadtwerke Leinfelden-Echterdingen Managing Director