Team coaching

Team coaching

You give yourself and your team a meaningful orientation, leave troubles and misunderstandings behind. You collect ideas for progress and for improvements and evaluate them after an implementation phase / a sprint. In this way you will achieve a common direction and a collaboration that will bear fruit.

With the creative, interactive Solution Focus moderation, you and your management team or team will develop a common vision of the future to attain. You will discuss the upcoming challenges constructively. All the differences and skills within the team are benefitted from. Both responsibility and fun for the implementation will be addressed. The team coaching is designed and carried out in close coordination with the client and / or the manager.

Voices on team coaching

What Ms. Reisch managed to achieve with our management team is difficult to grasp, you have to join in, see, hear and feel. There is a wealth of experience, ease and humor in her consultation and moderation. The joint control of our facilities could be significantly improved within a few weeks after the Solution Focus Workshop. The coaching with Ms. Reisch and the leadership team was a great investment.

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As a manager at my hierarchical level, it is difficult to exchange ideas with someone neutrally about current management issues and challenges. What Solution Focus Consulting does is that it gives you the time to think and to put challenges into words.

Ingrid Reisch’s advice and moderation shows specific ways to think about solutions and it simultaneously helps to formulate what you want to achieve in concrete terms. Listening carefully and asking good questions creates the necessary trust between client and coach – you are heard. Her competence and the vast amount of experience can be seen, for example, in her quick categorization of facts in conversation with a team and how she can grasp details in conjunction with the big picture.

As an engineer, you sometimes get stuck with technical problems and then it helps to talk to someone who inspires you with new ideas.

Ingrid Reisch has mastered the art of closely observing this process and supporting it towards a solution. She has the right aptitude for growing “delicate plants”, no useless patent recipes, no overcoaching and no dissection, instead a catalytic effect that contributes to good development in the department.

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