Conflict resolution & mediation

Conflict resolution & mediation

In a Solution Focus Mediation, those affected are taken seriously and heard. Conflicts are disconnected from problematic dynamics and discussed in focus on the aspired future. In this way, every conversation causes a rethink and invites to a different way of working together.

People want to understand themselves and their lives including problems that seem difficult to comprehend, such as conflict dynamics. But the question “How come?” quickly turns into “Who’s to blame?” and statements become accusations and justifications.

I do not moderate for you to understand and evaluate the conflicts, but rather to direct – with a sure instinct and heartfelt persistence – the attention of those affected to the aimed future.

one-on-one interview

Whenever emotional distress exists, I speak to the individual person first.

I have developed various methods of structuring the communication on contentious issues in such a way that the “parties” can more easily develop an understanding of the other side’s point of view.

In a conflict, those affected often only focus on the difficulties. With attention and questions, I consistently direct my gaze to what is functioning and the desired future, because the situation is already difficult enough.

It makes sense that conflicts are not carried out further and confidential matters remain confidential. For this reason, you will not find testimonials here from those affected, but from colleagues.

Testimonials from colleagues

“If there are conflicts within my customers, I recommend Ingrid Reisch. With her support I have often established conceptual foundations for the preparation of challenging team developments. I like her way of bringing lightness paired with great seriousness to situations of difficulty. She manages to balance the perspectives and concerns of those involved with the requirements of the organization. When I think of Ingrid and conflicts, I hear her say: “Conflicts are a part of life. Issues have to be raised and then solved.”

The Solution Focus approach that Ingrid Reisch taught us mediators is an amazingly useful tool that we did not get to know in our mediator training. Ingrid conveyed the Solution Focus approach to us convincingly, competently and with many interesting exercise options. I can recommend this training to every mediator.

Assessor of the Bavarian Farmers' Association
Solution Focus

In addition to my own work as a mediator, I teach the Solution Focus approach for mediators.

Both executives and already trained mediators appreciate the tools of the Solution Focus for mediation. Instead of dealing with questions of how conflicts emerge and how they can be classified, I convey practical tools for thinking and speaking for mediators.