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Every coaching is unique. With plenty of experience, extensive knowledge and the right dose of humor and wisdom, you will be heard, find answers to master current challenges and benefit for your personal development.

The experience from thousands of coaching sessions with executives from various hierarchical levels serves as the basis of my work. Simultaneously, I take your uniqueness as a person and manager in your professional context into consideration and regard your special situation. In this way, coaching sessions certainly become valuable co-creations and through them it is possible to sort and master current challenges immediately as well as make developments happen that previously seemed unimaginable.

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Voices from clients and coachees

I have seen Ingrid apply the Solution Focus almost consistently in “pure practice” – in coaching, training and workshops. She does this with a joy, ease and openness that invites her clients to work on their concerns in a solution-focused and effective manner. I see that she has an unshakable trust in her clients that they will find their own solution. It was obvious to me in the joint appointments that she is not interested in asking smart questions or making a name for herself as a coach. She genuinely cares about the people and their issues. For me, Ingrid is a very authentic, warm- hearted and sympathetic coach whom I recommend without reservation!

IBM HR Talent Development Manager

Solution Focus has become our method of choice for many situations as we provide coaching and development support for Allianz’ leaders. We have learned both from and with Ingrid which is appreciated. This has created a trustful basis for recommending her as an external coach for our top executives.

Senior Expert Top Executive Development and Head Group Executive Pool Allianz SE

I was happy to recommend Ingrid Reisch as a coach in good conscience by reason of her understanding on how to quickly establish the trusting cooperation with the coachee that is necessary for successful coaching. In this way, Ms. Reisch enables the coachees´ self-reflection and -knowledge at the beginning of every personal development.

Member of the Board of Management/ Chief Operating Officer at Allianz Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg

I can recommend Ingrid Reisch to anyone who is looking for professional and sympathetic support, due to Ingrid’s exceptional personality: especially when it comes to insight, empathy and humor. As a coach, she takes back herself and her own ideas and suggestions in an exemplary manner (which very few are really good at), and as a consultant for workshop designs, she brings her extensive experience very clearly to the fore. From my point of view as the head of personnel development in a large corporation, the Solution Focus method, as Ingrid implements and communicates it, is one of the most effective and efficient on the market. Ingrid is the coach with whom I have achieved the best results for me, and in each case these were brought about both time- efficient and at the same time in a relaxed and highly appreciative way.

Head of Learning and Development MIGROS GRUPPE ZURICH