Solution Focus Training

Solution Focus Training

A Solution Focus training for managers, internal coaches, HR professionals, works councils and multipliers are of sustainable gain, which is confirmed by feedback of the trainings as varied, refreshingly different and profitable. Furthermore, our SF trainings are carried out remotely.

SF gives your executives and selected specialists a new, healthy impetus for business success. Building on existing skills, various current challenges and issues are discussed and advanced. For these objectives the SF approach is used and simultaneously conveyed. Through SF, managers practically identify what is already working, depending on their context, along with what can be improved and how. Thereby, theories of leadership and a variety of scientific findings are referenced.

Voices on the Solution Focus

The efficient and agile Solution Focus approach absolutely convinced me!

I notice the difference in many conversation situations – I almost automatically use Solution Focus.

Shortly after the first two days of training, some of my “coachees” already noticed it positively (in-house and outside the company). Problems could be solved more time-efficient (e. g. compared to the systemic approach I had known for much longer). This rapid onset of success reinforces my confidence in continuing with this approach in the future.  I find it particularly more pleasant to coach on the phone while using Solution Focus. I do not only use Solution Focus in a coaching conversation, it helps to find solutions to many problems on a daily basis.

IBM coach and sales executive

The Solution Focus Workshop equipped me with great tools for an effective coaching conversation. Using past realizations for questions about of the ‘instead’, thus looking ahead and on the desired target state is, in my opinion, much more productive, especially in a business context. In addition, I always find myself in private situations in which the solution focus thinking and questions help. It has not yet passed into flesh and blood, but I notice more and more often that in conversations I consciously think about using this method and am surprised how the course of the conversation follows a different path.

HR Professional International School of Düsseldorf

Practical and always useful

In the case of complex challenges as well as in stressful situations, the Solution Focus approach helps to focus on feasible solutions and to regain confidence in one’s own ability to act.

The participants are always enthusiastic about how practical and effective the Solution Focus approach turns out to be. They use the Solution Focus sustainably for a wide variety of conversation situations with colleagues, employees, customers, in two-way conversations and in group settings.

Executives who have already been extensively trained and experienced describe that they benefit surprisingly from the Solution Focus for themselves, their teams and their departments.

Voices for the benefit

In 2016, I had the great pleasure of attending advanced training with Ingrid Reisch as part of my work as a business coach for IBM. These four days were – although I was already an experienced coach – an enormous enrichment for my knowledge and experience. Ingrid succeeded in a vivid and emphatic way in introducing the method of solution-focused coaching to us participants. The training with her was always entertaining, beneficial and interesting. I was able to learn a lot from Ingrid and can now say that the everything I have learned from her prevails as an integral part of my own coaching.

Ingrid is a coach and teaching coach whom I would be happy to recommend everyone, who shows interest.

  • Success set in quickly, noticeably and lastingly
  • Solution focus can be used universally
  • Accordingly, activities are tight, efficient, concrete, agile, committed to the solution and therefore more successful
  • Colleagues, business partners and coachees evaluate the interaction as helpful and effective
  • A pleasant appreciative discussion atmosphere that encourages each side and does not make use of problem language resulting or discouraging statements
  • Solutions arise, lightness shows, commitment is enabled, cultural change occurs and all these lead to sustainable successes.

For me, Solution Focus is the catalyst for respectful interaction and efficiently achieved business success.

IBM coach and manager

Training didactics

The Solution Focus Training conveys a procedure, a way of thinking and speaking, a mindset. Right from the start of the Solution Focus training program, participants experience the consistent application of the Solution Focus, true to the motto “walk your talk”.

Content of management training in general

Content of the Solution Focus for executives

Theoretical basics and fixed topics as content blocks

Individual orientation / the desired future of the participants

Models and ready-made exercises

Experience and interaction lead to the empowerment of the participants

Knowledge transfer and acquisition of skills

Independent learning according to neuro-didactic principles builds competence through flexible exercises

Transfer to your own leadership situations after the theoretical input or exercise and in transfer phases

From the beginning of the training, the Solution Focus concentrates on current, individual challenges of the participants and is continuously transfer-oriented

Voices on training didactics

One participant’s opinion on training didactics:

It is fascinating that here we had enough time to think about the ways we can solve the problems we really have. In other seminars we get solutions to problems and if they do not fit our needs then it is our own problem. Here we have found solutions together that we can and will implement immediately.

Manager Allianz Germany

The benefit from the perspective of a client:

In the conception phase, Ingrid Reisch distinguished herself through a high level of mental flexibility and creativity. My ideas for a training program for prospective and experienced managers at Faurecia were actively understood and implemented. With the Solution Focus approach, a program could be designed in which managers are empowered to immediately expand their skills, strength and competencies instead of illuminating them with the help of leadership models.

Ingrid Reisch can assess people both very quickly and properly and therefore matches them with the right assignments. Particularly useful is her serenity in training, her mindfulness and the simultaneous tenacity not to leave people out – a really consistent leadership style during training.

Management Development Manager Europe, Human Resources Faurecia Emissions Control Technologies, Germany GmbH

Strengthen resilience with the Solution Focus

The Solution Focus approach mobilizes people’s resilience. In crises, access to one’s own skills and strengths is often blockaded With the Solution Focus thinking and questions, we direct our gaze and the gaze of our customers on how to overcome crisis smoothly, on past challenges that have been mastered and on the desired future. After finding feasible steps in a good direction, we continue with an implementation of these steps. In this way we remain able to act: Crises become challenges.

Thinking and pitfalls in a crisis

Thinking patterns and ways that help getting through a crisis with the Solution Focus

Endless areas of possible improvement

A spark of confidence: Accepting help form others in order to practice self-help

A focus on problems leads to generalization

Differentiation instead of generalization: What is it, that is working and is at the same time of importance?

Worries and fear of negative consequences

A focus on the exceptions: At what times do we see improvement?

Lack of strength to take action

Looking ahead:
How does the desired future look like?
Are there ways to get active after all?

Crisis of meaning

Confidence: Moving forward in small steps