Our services

Our services are Solution Focus Training, Coaching, Team Coaching, Conflict Resolution & Mediation, Workshop Design & Consulting along with Transformation and Change. The know-how presented here provides you with a selection of suggestions and we are happy to make you an offer that considers your individual

Solution Focus Training

A Solution Focus training for managers, internal coaches, HR professionals, works councils and multipliers are of sustainable gain, which is confirmed by feedback of the trainings as varied, refreshingly different and profitable. Furthermore, our SF trainings are carried out remotely.


Every coaching is unique. With plenty of experience, extensive knowledge and the right dose of humor and wisdom, you will be heard, find answers to master current challenges and benefit for your personal development.

Team coaching

You give yourself and your team a meaningful orientation, leave troubles and misunderstandings behind. You collect ideas for progress and for improvements and evaluate them after an implementation phase / a sprint. In this way you will achieve a common direction and a collaboration that will bear fruit.

Conflict resolution & mediation

In a Solution Focus Mediation, those affected are taken seriously and heard. Conflicts are disconnected from problematic dynamics and discussed in focus on the aspired future. In this way, every conversation causes a rethink and invites to a different way of working together.

Workshop Design and Consulting

Do you have internal trainers and facilitators in your company? Are you looking for an experienced partner to develop a change or workshop design with you and your internal colleagues and to accompany the implementation?

Transformation and Change

The advice on your change project must be agile and future-oriented, since challenges accompanied by a transformation are complex. In an initial intensive conversation, you get to know me, discuss your needs and after these steps can both parties decide how a suitable accompaniment for you project looks like.